Thursday, October 17, 2019 
A Better Method for Retail Site Selection  

Welcome to SiteMining
The Ultimate Real Estate Toolbox

SiteMining - The Ultimate Real Estate Toolbox!

SiteMining is a multi-faceted tool which has over a dozen uses for retailers of all types and sizes. There is nothing else quite like it.

Since 1995, Site Analytics Co. has been helping America's finest retailers evaluate new sites and grow their concepts most efficiently. The Bullseye Models which we create help clients forecast sales using a wide variety of inputs from the client and from national databases.

Now, many of these techniques have been integrated into SiteMining. It's a new tool, designed to answer hundreds of questions you may have about your sites and your concept. It helps you boost your odds of success on every real estate transaction you make.

The system is customized specifically for each client. Here are five of the typical ways that clients use SiteMining to help analyze issues:


Evaluating New Sites Will this proposed location be a good site for us? Is it a "hidden gem" or will it be a big "mistake"? What will its sales be? Which of our existing stores are most similar to this site?


Raising Red Flags Which types of areas should we avoid? Which co-tenants hurt us the most? Which combination of demographics and site factors usually result in poor sales?


Setting Optimal Criteria What are the site and trade areas characteristics which ensure our success? How do we quantify what we need demographically? Which anchors work best for us?


Where Should We Go Next? Which trade areas hold the most promise for us, based on our demographic requirements? Should we choose Dallas or Houston? Seattle or LA?


Improving Existing Stores Which of our existing stores could perform better if we made adjustments? Which store managers have developed better ways to run the stores?

SiteMining doesn't replace your current techniques — it supplements and enhances them. For more specific details about how SiteMining can benefit all facets of your real estate department, click Info for Retailers.

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